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For game lovers, specifically with the theme of adventure and open world, GTA San Andreas is definitely no stranger. This game has become a very phenomenal game.

You’ll definitely find it often played on PS rentals. Some can even spend hours playing the game.

But now the GA SA game is back. Now you can play this game on a smartphone with the name GTA SA Lite Mod.

Many people have played it and indeed this game offers as much fun as when you play on a computer or laptop. We will discuss more information about GTA SA Lite Mod in the explanation below.

GTA SA Lite Mod Game

GTA SA Lite Mod is a modified GTA SA game. There are several modifications that have been made by the developer. One of them is the addition of a cheat feature.

Although there are some additions, the file size of this game doesn’t swell. Even the file size is even smaller.

So, for those of you who have a smartphone with a memory capacity that is not too much, you can still download and play GTA SA Lite Mod.

You can play it for a long time stably. The fun is not inferior to GTA SA games in general.

In GTA SA Lite Mod there are also several active cheats that are ready for you to use. You may also have used these cheats a lot when you were still playing GTA on a computer or PS rental.

You can take advantage of these various cheats to make it easier for you to complete each mission or defeat your opponents.

Advantages of GTA SA Lite Mod Game

There are several advantages that exist in the GTA SA Lite Mod game, including:


Usually when you want to download GTA SA, you will be asked to buy the application or game. But for GTA SA Lite Mod you can download and play for free.

You will not be asked to pay or buy the game. After you successfully download it, you can directly install and play it.


But the addition of these cheats does not make the size of this game bigger. In fact, the size is even smaller than we thought.

This is what makes GTA SA Lite Mod can be played on smartphones that have not too large a storage capacity. You can play this game smoothly for a long time.

Full Cheat

The cheat feature is indeed an advantage that is highlighted in GTA SA Lite Mod. The existence of this feature makes you more free to play and complete each mission.

You can go around exploring one city to another. You get all these freedoms when you play GTA SA Lite Mod.

There are several cheats available in GTA SA Lite Mod, including:

  • Invulnerable
  • Police are afraid
  • Stars
  • Cars
  • Jetpack
  • Star drop< /li>
  • Walk on water
  • Airplane
  • Has a lot of money
  • White blood
  • Weapons
  • and many others

Link Download GTA SA Lite Mod After knowing some of the advantages that GTA SA Lite Mod has, all you have to do is download it.

You can download this game via the link above. Immediately visit the link and get the GTA SA Lite Mod game.

Download links

GTA_SA v2.00.apk Download (Mali GPU).zip Download (Adreno) Download (PowerVR GPU)

How to install Link Download GTA SA Lite Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Link Download GTA SA Lite Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.